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Five Best Home Improvements Based from the National Home Improvement Survey

26 Apr

There are lots of great reviews about home improvement activities and the benefits it gives to home owners. The concept of home improvement consists or remodeling or improving both interior and exterior part of your property. There are different ways and approaches to accomplish this, where in some are proper and some are not. It is important that you have an idea on some of the home improvements you can do to your house. Lucky you’ve found this article that features the top 5 best home improvement ideas with a strong basis and study from the National Home Improvement Survey.

Here’s a table for the top five nationwide best home improvements that real estate professionals (respondents) highly recommend to all home sellers and household who wanted to have a new facelift on their property. The table is also inclusive of average cost and return of investment (ROI) applicable for those home sellers planning to sell their house and lot, apartments and condos.

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Do You Need a Mortgage Broker?

25 Apr

Applying for a mortgage loan? Do you know that there are mortgage brokers who can actually give you a big help to make sure that you will be qualified and get the loan you want in order for you to buy your dream property. But you need to make sure that you have full understanding on the job description of a mortgage broker, their responsibility, as well as the advantages and disadvantages on getting their service.

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Is Condo a Preferable Sanctuary?

23 Apr

In the previous years, the rate of people buying condos has noticeably increased.  A lot of investors choose to buy condo units rather than houses because houses are a lot more difficult to maintain. Today, many home buyers are in the search for a sanctuary that will give them plenty of room to be active and socially engage.

Either a first time home buyer or a retiree looking for a perfect home; condos offers a wealth of opportunity. Almost all condominium communities are equipped with amenities and facilities that give residential tenants quality and prime living. These amenities and facilities may include clubhouses, gyms, game rooms, meeting areas and so on. Some condo communities even go beyond what’s normally offered by other condo community as they add movie theaters and party places within the area. Continue reading

The New Fueling Boom; Driving Real Estate Market

17 Apr

With millions of people in a certain country not all are given good opportunity to have a stable job and stay on their beloved native land. Majority of them are force to work to other countries even if it’s hard for them to leave their love ones.  Life of becoming an overseas worker is tough, as they risk battling the outside world with their bare hands and unfortunately some may not have that full assurance of becoming a successful worker. Some of them may lose fortune and turn into slave victims on their cruel employer and instantly their life becomes chaotic.

Despite all this possible negativity on becoming an overseas worker, some race still track on becoming one and the Filipino race is one of them. Yes, the Philippines is one the famous diasporas of overseas workers in different countries or simply they are called “OFW’s” or Overseas Filipino workers. They are considered one of the greatest financial contributors in Philippine economy. They simply turn their billions of dollars (their earnings) into remittances every year which gives them portal to possess great purchasing power. OFW’s plays a special role in driving market force, from this moment the most important investment sources for the Philippines are not actually locally based but rather coming from the remittances of heroic Filipino workers abroad. Continue reading

Four Priorities of a First Time Buyer

17 Apr

They say that the word “first” is something to be special. Whether it is you first car, your first partner in life, your first gadget and your first job, anything to be first is somewhat special and important to a person. And that is actually the same when it comes to buying your first house. That is why you should set priorities when planning to buy a property. By doing this you’ll have a guide through the selecting process in finding the best house for you. Let us try to discuss four important priorities first time home buyer should do.

Infographics – How To Sell A Property Fast

11 Apr

With today’s competitive real estate market it is hard to sell a house or even an apartment to home buyers. A lot of property owners do major renovations and improvements just to add value to their property. It’s a good strategy, but this is only applicable to rich owners. How about normal owners striving to sell their house and lot, or apartment for sale. Is their a way for them to  sell their property too? Absolutely yes! there are inexpensive ways normal home owners can do to sell their property fast. We have prepared an real estate inforgraphic to briefly discuss what home owners can do to in order to sell their property as fast as possible.

This inforgraphic is from DMCI Homes. Visit them @ http://www.dmcihomes.com/ | http://www.dmcileasing.com/