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Determining How Much You Can Afford

22 Apr

Buying a house is really something you should be proud of. Days of hard work and over times have already been paid off. But remember that in buying your own house there are things you need to think over. If you’re one of the home buyers (especially first time home buyers) who spend their weekends visiting open houses and new model houses then it’s the time to stop it and learn to prioritize things first. Truly visiting homes for sale might be a good way to get a feel for what you want. The issue is that what you want isn’t always what you should get. Faced it and that is a fact. Continue reading


Philippines Still the Hottest Real Estate Market in Southeast Asia

18 Apr

PLC International Marketing Networks – a Manila Condotel Investment group says that tourism, offshore property investors and local real estate developers has been driving the real estate property market in the Philippines to the top of real estate investor’s list. A lot of foreign investors are looking at the positive effects of the increasing number of tourist arrivals, the booming number of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and the positive effects of OFW dollar remittances in the country.

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Satisfied Investors of the Philippines

13 Apr

Satisfied investors can be defined as those individuals who find a suitable lifestyle in a certain place. This term may come into natural born citizens of the place or foreigner who chooses to live and have their own investment. But the big question is, what specific mode of investment and appropriate way could this activity be achievable? Another question is where is the right place to invest and enjoy these benefits?

To answer the first question about the type of investment that is considered one of the best, then real estate investments is one of them. This is because of the potential benefit it could possibly give such securing one’s good future and build a good retirement portfolio. From this reason, we can already define a very good example of activity that can be linked to this kind of investment and that is retirement, also later on we will determine those people who choose to have their retirement in the Philippines and why. Continue reading