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The starting point why people do short sale their property

7 Jun

Wikipedia defined short sale as a sale of real estate in which the proceeds from selling the property will fall short of the balance of the debts secured by liens against the property and the property owner can’t afford to repay the liens’ full amounts. Additionally this short sale occurs when a property is old and the lender agrees to accept a discounted payoff, it means that the home seller gets their lender to agree to let their property for a sales price that is less than what is owed on the mortgage.

Possible effects of short sale

Generally speaking, short sales are preferably alternative to foreclosure but the process still weighs in both lender and property owner.

–          The home owner will penalized for not fulfilling mortgage obligation payment and possibly lead a drop in credit score. In terms of credit score, the negative impact of a short sale is not that much as compare to foreclosure. Moreover doing short sale is believe to be faster and less expensive than foreclosure, but before taking action it is advisable to take help from real estate agents or attorney in negotiation.

Common causes why people do short sale their property

Let us see the list of common reasons why people are engage in short sale situation, let us what are the major reasons to qualify for a short sale.

–          Job loss

–          Business failure

–          Mortgage payment adjustment/increase

–          Reduced income

–          Relocation to another place

–          Mortgage fraud

As you can see on the list, many of these common causes can happen on us anytime and maybe we, our neighbors or
friends might experienced this situation and for sure it has an indirect impact on your side. But then again don’t look short sale as downfall option, besides there are still valid reasons why it is your best option most especially in saving your credibility. Below is the list of reasons why you short sale can still your best option to take on.

–          Saves your credit. Yes it is true that it can affect your credit score but it is less threatening than a foreclosure. Also there is a possibility that having a good negotiator will help you regain positively reputation on your credit score by negotiating to the lender to have a positive report to credit bureaus.

–          Buy a home quicker. I’m sure you don’t want to wait for a long period of time after foreclosure in your property occurs. To avoid this situation, you can do short sale and limit the pending time of approval for the process of buying another property usually as little as two years. So this will save you putting much money towards rent.

–          Reduced stress and have a piece of mind. Knowing your property foreclosed is really stressful. You might not sleep well at night thinking that you might loss everything. But with a short sale, you know that you did your best to save the property, you limit the loss of your lender by finding a new buyer and the best of all is that you have a piece of mind to start a new beginning.


Gone are the Days of Worries: Live at DMCI Homes Now

12 May

“Feels real good to be home”… the well known quote of DMCI Homes is seen everywhere especially in the world of internet. How can you be so sure that living in DMCI Homes is really great that you will feel that you are at home? You may receive several answers when you ask this question and one of those is that DMCI Homes gives you an assurance of a worry-free life. Worries are just part of your past especially when you decide to purchase a property of DMCI Homes because the only thing that you will have is enjoyment, security, and contentment.


Every property of DMCI Homes has a complete and satisfying amenities and facilities that will surely give full enjoyment. Kids can enjoy the available swimming pools that are really for them, parents can maintain their healthy lifestyle because of the available gym with high class equipments, and also residents can enjoy bonding with their family staying on the landscaped gardens, atriums that will give them a quiet moment.   Continue reading

Philippines Still the Hottest Real Estate Market in Southeast Asia

18 Apr

PLC International Marketing Networks – a Manila Condotel Investment group says that tourism, offshore property investors and local real estate developers has been driving the real estate property market in the Philippines to the top of real estate investor’s list. A lot of foreign investors are looking at the positive effects of the increasing number of tourist arrivals, the booming number of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and the positive effects of OFW dollar remittances in the country.

Continue reading

The New Fueling Boom; Driving Real Estate Market

17 Apr

With millions of people in a certain country not all are given good opportunity to have a stable job and stay on their beloved native land. Majority of them are force to work to other countries even if it’s hard for them to leave their love ones.  Life of becoming an overseas worker is tough, as they risk battling the outside world with their bare hands and unfortunately some may not have that full assurance of becoming a successful worker. Some of them may lose fortune and turn into slave victims on their cruel employer and instantly their life becomes chaotic.

Despite all this possible negativity on becoming an overseas worker, some race still track on becoming one and the Filipino race is one of them. Yes, the Philippines is one the famous diasporas of overseas workers in different countries or simply they are called “OFW’s” or Overseas Filipino workers. They are considered one of the greatest financial contributors in Philippine economy. They simply turn their billions of dollars (their earnings) into remittances every year which gives them portal to possess great purchasing power. OFW’s plays a special role in driving market force, from this moment the most important investment sources for the Philippines are not actually locally based but rather coming from the remittances of heroic Filipino workers abroad. Continue reading

Satisfied Investors of the Philippines

13 Apr

Satisfied investors can be defined as those individuals who find a suitable lifestyle in a certain place. This term may come into natural born citizens of the place or foreigner who chooses to live and have their own investment. But the big question is, what specific mode of investment and appropriate way could this activity be achievable? Another question is where is the right place to invest and enjoy these benefits?

To answer the first question about the type of investment that is considered one of the best, then real estate investments is one of them. This is because of the potential benefit it could possibly give such securing one’s good future and build a good retirement portfolio. From this reason, we can already define a very good example of activity that can be linked to this kind of investment and that is retirement, also later on we will determine those people who choose to have their retirement in the Philippines and why. Continue reading