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Home Improvement Ideas – Condos in the Philippines

25 May

One of the exciting activities about home ownership is the chance to tinker in ‘home improvement‘.  You don’t need to hire an expert, because you can do it yourself.

This is just one of the aspects of condo living that have encouraged people from jumping on in this hot real estate market. It is where that feeling of community and esteem of the turnkey ease of condominium life are echoed, plus the blank design slate that it presents. But while many think that these developments are just glorified tiny modern boxes which are difficult to personalize, many still are hooked of the idea.

So what’s the attraction?

Take a tour through the condos in the Philippines, and walk away with design ideas that will inspire your creativity and help you reinvent any space.


1. Stellar Place, Quezon City

Stellar Place, which stands in a great location, is bounded with green open spaces and water elements, blended together. This master- planned development scheme is brought to its interior unit features, which brings the pitch- perfect balance of earthiness and modernity in space. Continue reading


Create New Memories to DMCI Homes First Structure- Lakeview Manors Condo for Sale

7 May

Sentimental values is one of our reasons why we persist in keeping things even it was already out-of-date. And Filipinos are well-known in being sentimental which gives them a hard time to move on to the modern world. But there are things that despite of its sentimental value you can still enjoy the modern life just like living in Lakeview Manors Condo for sale.

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Why Choose Mahogany Place 3

28 Mar

Before moving in a place it is better to know the best reasons why you would choose to live there so that you can make sure that you will never have any problem. When you are a hundred percent sure on the place that you will chose there is the assurance that you will be contented in your life. And the place that you need to consider to choose is Mahogany Place 3 and the reasons why are stated below. Continue reading

Choose Apartment for rent in Quezon City Philippines

27 Mar

Are you in the process of hunting a place where you and your family can live? Why not try to hunt near Quezon City which is well-known to be the home of celebrities and a place for the best apartments available in the Philippines. As you try to look for an apartment for rent in Quezon City Philippines, you can have a greater chance to live in a place that you don’t expect because of the wonderful things that you can enjoy.

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Flair Towers’ Contemporary Features

30 Jan

Many people believed that the present fast-paced lifestyle in the city opens up opportunity to a better person and having a brighter future. However, the mere fact that urban way of living is like a race competition that can harm person’s wellness and overall well-being when not prepared.

Choosing for a safe place to live is one of the most important aspects to consider. While choosing a place to live in and around the metro preferably this tends a lot of time and resources to spend just to get from your desired destination.

This is what DMCI Homes cater for; known as the nation’s innovator in modern residential condominium, hand in mind when it created Flair Towers set to provide above all lodging service. Continue reading