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Best Home improvements based on the National Home Improvement Survey Part II

26 Jun

In the first part of the best home improvement activities, we discussed about the top 5 best activities to engage with, now here’s second part that would complete the list.

Home improvement as defined in the first part is the concept of remodeling or improving the two major parts of a certain property that is the interior and exterior. Besides of improving one’s property, doing home improvement activities can change the living conditions, it also increases the livable spaces within the property, therefore giving you more options on others things you wanted to add.

The table below shows the rounding of the top 10 home improvement activities considered to be the best in giving good return of investment.  Let’s dig them deeper with the explanation below the table






Shampooing or replacing of carpets




Repairing floors




Paint interior walls




Updating kitchen and bathroom




Paint exterior



6. Replacing or shampooing of carpets – did you know that your carpet at home is considered one of the best home improvement asset you could have? Now you know as you already prove that it belongs to the top home improvement activities. Depending on the situation, first check your carpet condition if you know that still it is in good condition then have some cleaning activity such as steaming it thoroughly and shampooing as preferred type activity that will restore the beauty of the carpet, on the other hand if it is worn then better replace it with a new one to obtain that best cover look!

7. Repair floors – of course it is important that you need to have floor that is clean most especially if you are a person getting ready to sell your property. Depending on what type of floor you have as you noticed some worn then you must get into at once. For example you have a hard wood floor type you must get the hardwood into its best condition by applying non-slip floor polish or other coating to make it shimmer. Regularly mop and vacuum the floor to maintain its cleanliness.

8. Placing new paint into interior walls – applying fresh coat of paint all throughout the house makes your property beautiful and updated. Choosing cool and soothing colors helps provide a more relaxed atmosphere that makes your property a relaxing haven. Important note! Before applying paint into interior walls you need to check first if there are leaks and watermarks covers, cracks in both ceilings and walls then they are subject for repair before painting do the covering.

9. Updating kitchen and bathroom – this is the two most common home improvement activities. Kitchen remodeling is usually increases the aesthetics of your property. However, this kind of home improvement activity should be of the best quality so if your knowledge is slim about kitchen upgrading then better hire some professionals in doing it. In addition, you can do update your kitchen through updating moderately priced appliances also make sure that it has proper lighting and ventilation. Conversely, bathroom remodeling is just like in kitchen it helps increase your property value and attractiveness. Updating moderately priced bathroom fixtures also helps in upgrading, other best adds up are windows and skylights to make the bathroom brighter and for ventilation you could install a fan that contains humidity sensors.

10. Paint home exterior – alike to the interior painting activity your property should showcase its beauty in and out. A nice property façade would surely entice buyer’s attention, so make sure that you also apply fresh coat of paint around exterior of the home. Paint exterior fixtures such as fence if they are peeling or dirty.

So now you have it! The complete list of best home improvement activities that would definitely add value to your property also served as an asset in giving you that good return of investment. Remember, home improvement does not necessary require you to buy and replace old one with new, instead carefully examined the condition and see if it still can be use with a little restoration.


The legacy of good father of builders in the Philippines

19 Jun

We all have our own passion where we wanted to stand for. We wanted to stand among others within our chosen destiny and to do that we need not only a strong skill set but also a brave heart and dedication to work. Given a chance, sharing this inspirational story of a great man who turn to be a real “builder” (within heart) and successfully made a mark in the local real estate industry. David M. Consunji is a prominent name in real estate sector and defines what a real builder is.  He believes that building concrete structures is not all about incorporating modern features, but it’s all about understanding the four most important elements of construction and they are planning, preparation, implementation and the system involved within it. Armed with Civil Engineering degree, David Consunji come up with these valuable insights.

Continuing on its career, he knows that establishing a strong brand name is not easy as making a drawing without any plans out of it. So he began the journey towards establishing his own contracting company. He founded the D.M Consuji, Incorporated (DMCI) way back in 1954, and was located in a small room in Pandacan, Manila with is vision of building for a generation of Filipinos. The journey towards it continues when they began to build chicken houses for the Bureau of Animal industry. Yes, DMCI first started on small projects and earned a solid reputation for quality of work and delivery on time. Since then, major projects in different locations in the Philippines has had been offered to them.

Building trust 

DMCI believes that “building trust” is one of the most important elements of being a consistent developer. Building trust does not conclude on how many clients you have but how they value your work and the satisfaction rating earned as they collide with you. Taking this into action, DMCI enjoys the patronage both of their loyal repeat clients and new whose business have benefited from DMCI’s unparalleled on time or ahead service delivery.


One of the most successful accomplishments of Consunji is redefining the city skyline and landscape in the country. The success is innate with his passion in building landmark structures and people’s own successes. In 1999, DMCI span its property division through founding of DMCI Homes – a company with its portfolio of building house and lots and condominiums. Since then, DMCI Homes become molder in shaping the whole metropolis as they built quality homes packed with resort-type communities for urban dwelling. With its continuous rapid growth, DMCI Homes obtained of becoming the country’s triple A home builder developer that brings services within the comfortable reach of average Filipino.

 His legacy with be remembered not only among the builders who contributed to quality structures, but rather a good father who proved that to attain success one must show strong dedication, honesty and willingness to do hard work.

The starting point why people do short sale their property

7 Jun

Wikipedia defined short sale as a sale of real estate in which the proceeds from selling the property will fall short of the balance of the debts secured by liens against the property and the property owner can’t afford to repay the liens’ full amounts. Additionally this short sale occurs when a property is old and the lender agrees to accept a discounted payoff, it means that the home seller gets their lender to agree to let their property for a sales price that is less than what is owed on the mortgage.

Possible effects of short sale

Generally speaking, short sales are preferably alternative to foreclosure but the process still weighs in both lender and property owner.

–          The home owner will penalized for not fulfilling mortgage obligation payment and possibly lead a drop in credit score. In terms of credit score, the negative impact of a short sale is not that much as compare to foreclosure. Moreover doing short sale is believe to be faster and less expensive than foreclosure, but before taking action it is advisable to take help from real estate agents or attorney in negotiation.

Common causes why people do short sale their property

Let us see the list of common reasons why people are engage in short sale situation, let us what are the major reasons to qualify for a short sale.

–          Job loss

–          Business failure

–          Mortgage payment adjustment/increase

–          Reduced income

–          Relocation to another place

–          Mortgage fraud

As you can see on the list, many of these common causes can happen on us anytime and maybe we, our neighbors or
friends might experienced this situation and for sure it has an indirect impact on your side. But then again don’t look short sale as downfall option, besides there are still valid reasons why it is your best option most especially in saving your credibility. Below is the list of reasons why you short sale can still your best option to take on.

–          Saves your credit. Yes it is true that it can affect your credit score but it is less threatening than a foreclosure. Also there is a possibility that having a good negotiator will help you regain positively reputation on your credit score by negotiating to the lender to have a positive report to credit bureaus.

–          Buy a home quicker. I’m sure you don’t want to wait for a long period of time after foreclosure in your property occurs. To avoid this situation, you can do short sale and limit the pending time of approval for the process of buying another property usually as little as two years. So this will save you putting much money towards rent.

–          Reduced stress and have a piece of mind. Knowing your property foreclosed is really stressful. You might not sleep well at night thinking that you might loss everything. But with a short sale, you know that you did your best to save the property, you limit the loss of your lender by finding a new buyer and the best of all is that you have a piece of mind to start a new beginning.