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Home Improvement Ideas – Condos in the Philippines

25 May

One of the exciting activities about home ownership is the chance to tinker in ‘home improvement‘.  You don’t need to hire an expert, because you can do it yourself.

This is just one of the aspects of condo living that have encouraged people from jumping on in this hot real estate market. It is where that feeling of community and esteem of the turnkey ease of condominium life are echoed, plus the blank design slate that it presents. But while many think that these developments are just glorified tiny modern boxes which are difficult to personalize, many still are hooked of the idea.

So what’s the attraction?

Take a tour through the condos in the Philippines, and walk away with design ideas that will inspire your creativity and help you reinvent any space.


1. Stellar Place, Quezon City

Stellar Place, which stands in a great location, is bounded with green open spaces and water elements, blended together. This master- planned development scheme is brought to its interior unit features, which brings the pitch- perfect balance of earthiness and modernity in space. Continue reading


Making Your Condo Available for Rent

14 May

In this time where real estate industry had been in rough and tough situation, many people consider the idea of placing their condo for rent. This is most likely the best way they could think of while awaiting home values and prices to be better. It is for that reason that condo leasing is easily becoming one of the well-known ways of obtaining a secure property these days. Within this article, we’ll take a look at some guidelines that will help you to succeed in leasing out your condo to possible tenants.

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Gone are the Days of Worries: Live at DMCI Homes Now

12 May

“Feels real good to be home”… the well known quote of DMCI Homes is seen everywhere especially in the world of internet. How can you be so sure that living in DMCI Homes is really great that you will feel that you are at home? You may receive several answers when you ask this question and one of those is that DMCI Homes gives you an assurance of a worry-free life. Worries are just part of your past especially when you decide to purchase a property of DMCI Homes because the only thing that you will have is enjoyment, security, and contentment.


Every property of DMCI Homes has a complete and satisfying amenities and facilities that will surely give full enjoyment. Kids can enjoy the available swimming pools that are really for them, parents can maintain their healthy lifestyle because of the available gym with high class equipments, and also residents can enjoy bonding with their family staying on the landscaped gardens, atriums that will give them a quiet moment.   Continue reading

It’s Never Too Late For A Summer Vacation!

10 May

Summer is almost finished. Did you already have your summer vacation? If not, then it’s never too late to plan for a summer getaway today! Surely you have plans in your mind on where you are going to spend your summer vacation. Research shows that many people are very excited on this period of the season because this is the time for them to enjoy activities under the sun. To make sure your 2012 late summer vacation is enjoyable here are some of the things you need to plan and prepare.

1. Choose a destination and range up all actions that you want to do – Know what you want to do and what to get from this vacation. Studying is key endeavor here. Continue reading

Create New Memories to DMCI Homes First Structure- Lakeview Manors Condo for Sale

7 May

Sentimental values is one of our reasons why we persist in keeping things even it was already out-of-date. And Filipinos are well-known in being sentimental which gives them a hard time to move on to the modern world. But there are things that despite of its sentimental value you can still enjoy the modern life just like living in Lakeview Manors Condo for sale.

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