Philippines Provides Cheaper Cost of Living

29 Apr

A lot of people nowadays especially foreign tourists, are very much attracted to the great things the island of Philippines posses. Foreigners know that living in the Philippines will give them a satisfying life. Investing on real estate in the Philippines is one of the reasons why a lot of foreigners are encouraged to live in the country. The growth of the real estate market has attracted many foreign and local investors. Another reason is that the cost of living in the Philippines is much cheaper compared to other countries. The bases of cheap cost of living are the basic commodities which are the food, clothing, house accommodation, home utilities as well as the transportation. For further understanding continue reading this article.

Food and Clothing

If you are going to compare the price of Filipino food to other foreign food you will be surprise that they are much cheaper. A person can eat a meal for less than $5 which he can also drag a friend to eat with but with the assurance that they are still going to be full. There are a lot of good foods available in the market that are really affordable but will not sacrifice the value of taste.  There are also a lot of inexpensive clothes available in the Philippines which are well designed and created too.

House Accommodation

In terms of house accommodation, there are really good and gratifying houses in the Philippines. These houses were developed by reputable home builders, gives a lot of things to enjoy such as the amenities available, building features and of course the security.  Another type of accommodation that can cater to people who will choose to stay here is the condominiums in the Philippines. As you compare the prices of house accommodation in this place you can actually get a dwelling that suit to the income or savings that you have. Another good thing in these accommodations is that you can also get them through renting that may be available in a much cheaper price. Yes, there are apartments for rent and condos for rent in the Philippines.

Home utilities

Cheaper home utilities are one of the good reasons why there are a lot of people chooses to live in the Philippines. Despite of successive increased of prices of commodities you can still see that Philippine home utilities are a lot cheaper.


Public transportation in the Philippines gives a lot of realization that it is much cheaper compared to other country. You can actually visit a shopping center with only P10 or $.25 because there are properties also available that give convenience to its residents to visit those places and that they are not going to spend too much on their transportation fees.

Cost of living is one of the major factors that real estate investors are looking to a place where they are going to investment. And just what we said from our previous posts the Philippines is still the hottest real estate market in Southeast Asia. This means that investing in the real estate market of the Philippines is a good choice especially if you’re looking for dwelling or a profitable investment.




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