Five Best Home Improvements Based from the National Home Improvement Survey

26 Apr

There are lots of great reviews about home improvement activities and the benefits it gives to home owners. The concept of home improvement consists or remodeling or improving both interior and exterior part of your property. There are different ways and approaches to accomplish this, where in some are proper and some are not. It is important that you have an idea on some of the home improvements you can do to your house. Lucky you’ve found this article that features the top 5 best home improvement ideas with a strong basis and study from the National Home Improvement Survey.

Here’s a table for the top five nationwide best home improvements that real estate professionals (respondents) highly recommend to all home sellers and household who wanted to have a new facelift on their property. The table is also inclusive of average cost and return of investment (ROI) applicable for those home sellers planning to sell their house and lot, apartments and condos.

Home Improvement

  1. Cleaning and de-cluttering:  Obtained the top position of being the most recommended activity. This is not surprising to know as nobody wants to live in untidy place and home. Besides it has the lowest home improvement cost with a high end benefit and also good return of investment. The activity consists of removing of personal items such as collection; general washing and cleaning all areas both inside and outside the property; for fresher air, cleaning the windows and placing curtain blinds is a good choice; removing clutter from furniture; organizing closets and other activities.
  2. Lightening and brightening: This activity put a mark on having enough illumination and ventilation by making sure that windows can be open easily; cleaning them inside and out; replacing those outdated curtains into new ones with simple designs; removing obstacles that would possibly block the light from windows; repair of light fixtures and others.
  3. Repair of plumbing and update electrical: Plumbing and electrical both rank third on this survey as they play important role in home safety. Plumbing activity involves repair and update of leaky faucets spouts and handles; repair of links under the bathroom and kitchen sinks; checking of pipes such as laundry room; also assuring that the toilet is in good condition. For electrical works (be safe! hire a professional if not knowledgeable in doing activities involved) checking of electrical wiring and possible updating those wirings into a new one; make sure that wiring are uncluttered (avoid having hanging wires); checking of lights and outlets that are not functioning for replacement; door bell should function as well.
  4. Landscaping:  Thisis one of the most favorable activities and considered as one of best home improvement as it adds value to the property by providing an invigorating ambiance. Maintenance is the primary activity that is needed such as leaves and weeds removal, branches and debris; adding up plants bushes and flowers; mowing the lawn; adding up yard that improves curb appeal also protection to your plants; and most of all watering lawn and plants.
  5. Staging: This is somewhat related to de-cluttering it aims to promote cleanliness and show things in order. It mainly involves removing personal items to provide enough space; reduce clutter by cleaning activities; if possible adding up new furniture to enhance room appearance; removing of bulky display; putting up hanging artworks in walls.


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