Is Condo a Preferable Sanctuary?

23 Apr

In the previous years, the rate of people buying condos has noticeably increased.  A lot of investors choose to buy condo units rather than houses because houses are a lot more difficult to maintain. Today, many home buyers are in the search for a sanctuary that will give them plenty of room to be active and socially engage.

Either a first time home buyer or a retiree looking for a perfect home; condos offers a wealth of opportunity. Almost all condominium communities are equipped with amenities and facilities that give residential tenants quality and prime living. These amenities and facilities may include clubhouses, gyms, game rooms, meeting areas and so on. Some condo communities even go beyond what’s normally offered by other condo community as they add movie theaters and party places within the area.

Whether you’re a single homeowner or an adult, living in a condo gives you a lot of benefits. To single homeowners, living in a condo is a great choice for it gives them a chance to socialize and meet people in the community. For adults, living in a condo eliminates the work of doing home repairs and maintenance.  In short, when you own a condo you would not need to worry about cleaning your yard, maintaining landscapes, scooping the sidewalks or doing large and costly repairs and maintenance. You only need to pay for a small fee every month for this upkeep.

Also, condos generally come with a set of rules that should be followed. This simply means that the owner of the condo community dictates what you can do to your home; they can even prohibit changes, pets, business and subletting. But you do not need to worry about this; actually these rules are very good and will help you and the community to be in order. Also, a positive side of this is that if you have complaints or issues with your neighbors, you can easily let them know and ask for their action for they are liable to the condo rules.

Let’s also see the disadvantages of having a condo. These disadvantages aren’t that serious but still needs to be considered.

  1. One of the primary disadvantages of having a condo is the lack of storage. Meaning you do not have your own garage, attic, basement and yard which a house and lot actually has.
  2. You still need to pay monthly fees. Though these fees go towards upkeep and amenities, it is still an added financial burden on your part. Additionally, you are still required to pay monthly fees even though your condo unit is entirely been paid off.

After thoroughly discussing the benefits and some disadvantages of having a condo, it is still your decision whether you will buy a condo for sale or prefer owning your own house and lot. Either way, what’s important is that you have a sanctuary you can call your home!



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