Topping the Philippine Real Estate – Tips for Real Estate Agents

20 Apr

Being a real estate agent truly is a fun job. You get to talk with interested home buyers and sellers and help them with what they want. But we have to also accept the fact that being a real estate agent is a no easy task. The number one reason is that the competition is big! A lot of real estate agents are also in the hunt for potential buyers and sellers. Second is that you need to posses great qualities in order for you to settle deals with your clients.

Being in the Top of the Game

For you to become a successful real estate agent you have to learn how to outrank your competitors. You might say, “It’s hard to be on the top of the game”. Saying that is already a misconception on your part. You have to picture yourself being on the top. Let’s us try to discuss some of the mistakes a real estate should avoid and how does it affect you being on the top of the game.

  • Absence of Clarity. It is a fact that a lot of people want to be successful, but if you asked them what do they mean of being successful, often times they do not have an answer. This is a mistake – remember we have to have clear intentions of what do we want to have or do. The idea is that you have to be specific about your professional life. Consider this:
  1. How many hours of work are you willing to spend daily?
  2. Who are your targeted clients?
  3. And what is your ideal income? (This has to be realistic)

Having specific visualizations of what you want will help you feel better. Be specific, realistic and optimistic!

  • Being irresponsible for yourself, life and business. If you want to have the life you’ve been dreaming of, you have to give your full or 100% attention to your goals. This means that there is no room for excuses. You have to work hard for what to want. Think that you always have the power to make it different and make everything right.

For example you need to sell a house and lot for sale in the fastest way possible; you need to give your full attention in order to sell the real estate property fast. Just like what Ford Henry said “It’s your MINDSET that makes all the difference.” Remember that your success depends on how you think, not on the economy.

  • Letting negative conversation affect you. Surely you had experienced people who tried to say negative things about you. But you should not be affected with what they say. You also need to prepare yourself from these negative things they might say. Focus on having positive conversations with others. That will help you to settle your mindset positively.

To wrap up, to be on the top of the game you need to: Take total responsibility for your success. Start by having clear visualization on what you want. Then give you 100% total effort and focus on having positive and up building conversations with others.


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