The Top Livable Cities in the Philippines Based on the Standard Criteria

19 Apr

Philippines is consisted of hundreds of active cities in respect to their class. There are also various studies, blogs, report etc. that reveals the top livable cities in the country but not considering those standard criteria featured on the previous article. Now as we know the standard criteria for the best livable city in the Philippines, which among these hundreds of city truly belongs to the top list.

This article features top list of the most livable city based on the standard criteria. Let us explore who belongs to it and why. To have a short review, standard criteria for the most livable cities are as follows: a.) Cost of living b.) Number of accommodation services c.) A well-master planned development or simply a livable community d.) Accessibility or ease of access to various property in the Philippines e.) Job opportunities. After knowing those key points let us now proceed to the top list of cities that stand among the most livable sanctuary in random order.

  1. Makati City – this city is one the core business center of the Philippines. It accommodates tall infrastructures where business offices, first-class hotels, shopping centers and other important hubs congregate. They also have modernized hospitalization services that are absolutely free to all of its bonafide residents. As such, the cost of living here is high this is due to number of business establishments offering services. Basic necessities, accommodation is not locking in this place as you have money on your side. Expect quality living here as modern amenities are within your reach as you live in this place.
  2. Manila City – known as the capital city of the Philippines and one of the most densely capital cities in the world. Over the years the prestige beauty of the place retains its rich culture and tradition proved to it is the number of old-timed churches and cultural landmarks. Besides good historical background it is also consider as one of the best spot of being a livable city. Its numerous high-standard learning institutions, business hubs that gives better job opportunities for its local residents and nearby locations.
  3. Quezon City – became the former capital of the country and now holds the most number of human populations among all cities. Alike with manila, it is home of the most reputable schools and government offices. Here you can also find medical institutions transform their services into modern form. It is awarded not only twice for having best practices such remarkable transformation and now continues and being started in large-scale physical transformation and accessibility to major thoroughfares.
  4. Davao City – it is situated in the province of Davao del Sur in Mindanao that holds second large land area next to Luzon. It grabs the recognition for having best infrastructures and business-friendly environment in the country. Over the past years people here enjoy a continuous developments where brighter opportunities comes as it is one of the best tourist destination for combined natural and man-made attractions.
  5. Cebu City – known as the “Queen city of the South” and one of the oldest city in the country. It has a lot of historical sight just like the famous Magellan’s Cross. Now as it face  the modern era, Cebu now is considered one of the most progressive city as it boast number of good educational institutions, medical facilities, commercial establishments and modern day communities such as first-class hotels, resorts, town homes, condominiums and the like.
  6. Baguio City – when you hear the word the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” Baguio City is the name being referred to. The city’s cool weather and lush greenery surface proves it and that is why it is on the list of being one of the best cities to live. Similar to those mentioned on this list the city also homes cultural and religious landmarks. Number of tourist visiting the city is one good source of income, in response the city provides both modern and religious landmarks, best lodging services and convenient transport where drivers are nominal as polite and honest.

There are still various cities that could meet these standards but for me this is the top cities that responsibly reach the standard criteria of being a livable city in the Philippines.


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