Standard Criteria for Best Livable City

18 Apr

City is place where modernization occurs and being practiced on a daily basis. They define this place as the urban center whose inhabitants are primarily engaged in industrial works and commerce. Cities become the main source of income for many people also for the government as cities chiefly possess various infrastructures and business establishment giving different services.

With this simple definition you could come up with a conclusion that city-living is favorably good place to live. Yes it’s definitely true; hence there are standard criteria in determining the best city to live in. Now let us carefully examine what are the criteria for a city to be a livable sanctuary. For the completion, let us take the country of the Philippines as the source of information. For a short trivia, Philippines consist of 122 cities and they are categorized as follows; highly urbanized, independent component and component cities of the provinces within which they are situated.

Now here are the top criteria for livable city in the Philippines

  1. First on the list is the cost of living. This refers to where people practice their mode of lifestyle and preferably quality living variables are found in the city.
  2. Second on list is in line with the lodging needs such as affordability and number of rental properties and home ownership. As city hold dense number of population, the number and affordability of properties either for lease or sale could be a major factor for a livable city. As the number of these properties increases it gives a plus point.
  3. In relationship to the second point, a city can be considered as livable one once possesses a well-master planned community development. I’m sure you are familiar of what are these types of developments as they stand high and gain popularity over the time. For those who don’t get it, it refers to condominium developments, hotels, subdivisions and other related properties.  Those types of properties can be found as legal properties in the Philippines. Additionally, master developers of this kind of community plays a vital role in creating a suitable community to live. They come up with a master and careful planned where they undergone scrupulous research in considering the important factors to consider in providing a safe and convenient haven.
  4. Accessibility. This is related and considered one of the important factors for a modern residential community, its access to various establishment and prime locations. City definitely hold good number of different establishments and businesses hence there are top priorities on this list. To give a clear thought, studies reveals based on the top analyst ease of access to basic necessities hold the top position. Primary location involved here are commercial establishments such as super markets and convenient stores. Next on list belongs to educational and medical institutions. Third is convenience from major workplace and the average time of commute. Lastly a place for socialization such as bars, shopping malls, leisure destinations and many more.
  5. Job opportunities. This may refer to the availability of job opportunities a city could offer and provide in sustaining better community and at the same time helping people have their job.
  6. Low crime rate. Another great contributing factor for a certain city to be a livable community. This measures the way how the city action force takes response on emergency situations as many things may happen any time. Effective response would give a better and secured community.

In the table below you can see some of the points mentioned in the article. Remember that having a criteria is very important when it comes to choosing which city will be the best place for you to live.



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