Satisfied Investors of the Philippines

13 Apr

Satisfied investors can be defined as those individuals who find a suitable lifestyle in a certain place. This term may come into natural born citizens of the place or foreigner who chooses to live and have their own investment. But the big question is, what specific mode of investment and appropriate way could this activity be achievable? Another question is where is the right place to invest and enjoy these benefits?

To answer the first question about the type of investment that is considered one of the best, then real estate investments is one of them. This is because of the potential benefit it could possibly give such securing one’s good future and build a good retirement portfolio. From this reason, we can already define a very good example of activity that can be linked to this kind of investment and that is retirement, also later on we will determine those people who choose to have their retirement in the Philippines and why.

For many foreigners just like Australians, Americans, British and others – retirement time is in the air and just around the corner. But before that time comes they certainly need a place to retire and later on live modest lifestyle. Seeking for a sanctuary is not easy; there are important things that need to be considered before they finally settle in. Being a retiree they would have the privilege to live on a pension so features like interest rates and cost of living are two most important things to consider. In the past years there are list of countries that gives greater opportunity as perfect setting for retirement being on the list are Spain and Mexico but now there are new place to take a look and have a deep review with their grandiose offer. Those mentioned countries are undoubtedly excellent place but why not try to discover the Philippine archipelago?

Why a small country like Philippines could be on your list? As they said, “size doesn’t matter, but the way how it prove itself become useful” but that’s not the main reason. The Philippines offers a significant lower cost of living and that certainly answer the first important consideration to consider in choosing a place to settle. To further strengthen this statement, aspects like food, housing and labor are within their reasonable price and not sacrificing quality and delivery of work.  The country being dubbed as one of the most hospitable country also offers inexpensive and good investment in the image of real estate properties that can be either serve as relaxing retirement haven or simply source of continuous flow of income.  There are wide range of properties to choose with as your great investment, they come into condominiums, apartments, townhouses and the famous condotel that all situated in strategic location. More features include their affordable price that makes them top choice of investment as compare to what other countries offered. On the other hand, here how real estate investments in the Philippines generate a continuous flow of income and it’s all about turning your investment into rental property. As rental market is largely and highly seasonal, in the Philippines there’s always a strong demand and market for those rental properties.

This shows that both options are good either looking for a retirement haven or source of income for international buyers.

To help you out we have provided a graph of the prices of properties here in the Philippines. See Figure 1.1 below. This will give you a brief introduction about the current condition of real estate market here in the Philippines.

Figure 1.1



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