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Can You Afford to Buy a House in the Philippines?

30 Apr

The economy of the Philippines is now on its peak because of the demands on real estate. There has been a good increase of Filipino families search for real estate properties. They are willing to grab any means available such as applying for a mortgage loan or housing loan just to have the property they are aiming. Home developers based in the Philippines made sure that their properties provide prime and quality living and are of course affordable. This unique features have given Filipino families a chance to have an urban friendly lifestyle but in an affordable and inexpensive manner. Surely you got surprise that there are affordable houses for sale in the Philippines but before anything else a home buyer should still consider whether he is ready to own a real estate property in the Philippines. Continue reading


Philippines Provides Cheaper Cost of Living

29 Apr

A lot of people nowadays especially foreign tourists, are very much attracted to the great things the island of Philippines posses. Foreigners know that living in the Philippines will give them a satisfying life. Investing on real estate in the Philippines is one of the reasons why a lot of foreigners are encouraged to live in the country. The growth of the real estate market has attracted many foreign and local investors. Another reason is that the cost of living in the Philippines is much cheaper compared to other countries. The bases of cheap cost of living are the basic commodities which are the food, clothing, house accommodation, home utilities as well as the transportation. For further understanding continue reading this article.

Food and Clothing

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How to Invest in Real Estate

27 Apr

Investing in real estate can be a good option when it comes to earning high profit.  Despite the deflation in the world wide market, real estate in the Philippines remains active and has been skyrocketing. Based from recent reports, the numbers of real estate investors and transactions have incredibly increased. That is why a lot of new businessmen want to explore and try their luck in this type of market. But being an expert in real estate doesn’t only happen over night and there are steps that you need to follow to ensure success.

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Five Best Home Improvements Based from the National Home Improvement Survey

26 Apr

There are lots of great reviews about home improvement activities and the benefits it gives to home owners. The concept of home improvement consists or remodeling or improving both interior and exterior part of your property. There are different ways and approaches to accomplish this, where in some are proper and some are not. It is important that you have an idea on some of the home improvements you can do to your house. Lucky you’ve found this article that features the top 5 best home improvement ideas with a strong basis and study from the National Home Improvement Survey.

Here’s a table for the top five nationwide best home improvements that real estate professionals (respondents) highly recommend to all home sellers and household who wanted to have a new facelift on their property. The table is also inclusive of average cost and return of investment (ROI) applicable for those home sellers planning to sell their house and lot, apartments and condos.

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Do You Need a Mortgage Broker?

25 Apr

Applying for a mortgage loan? Do you know that there are mortgage brokers who can actually give you a big help to make sure that you will be qualified and get the loan you want in order for you to buy your dream property. But you need to make sure that you have full understanding on the job description of a mortgage broker, their responsibility, as well as the advantages and disadvantages on getting their service.

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Steps in Being Qualified for a Mortgage Loan

24 Apr

Wondering how to qualify for a mortgage loan? There are steps that you need to follow to make sure that you will get the loan that you are expecting especially if it is just your only way to purchase your dream house and lot.

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Is Condo a Preferable Sanctuary?

23 Apr

In the previous years, the rate of people buying condos has noticeably increased.  A lot of investors choose to buy condo units rather than houses because houses are a lot more difficult to maintain. Today, many home buyers are in the search for a sanctuary that will give them plenty of room to be active and socially engage.

Either a first time home buyer or a retiree looking for a perfect home; condos offers a wealth of opportunity. Almost all condominium communities are equipped with amenities and facilities that give residential tenants quality and prime living. These amenities and facilities may include clubhouses, gyms, game rooms, meeting areas and so on. Some condo communities even go beyond what’s normally offered by other condo community as they add movie theaters and party places within the area. Continue reading