Flair Towers’ Contemporary Features

30 Jan

Many people believed that the present fast-paced lifestyle in the city opens up opportunity to a better person and having a brighter future. However, the mere fact that urban way of living is like a race competition that can harm person’s wellness and overall well-being when not prepared.

Choosing for a safe place to live is one of the most important aspects to consider. While choosing a place to live in and around the metro preferably this tends a lot of time and resources to spend just to get from your desired destination.

This is what DMCI Homes cater for; known as the nation’s innovator in modern residential condominium, hand in mind when it created Flair Towers set to provide above all lodging service.

  • It all begins with location

Location is one of the key factors that important to consider in choosing the right place to live. Flair Towers is located right at the center of Mandaluyong City named as the “Tiger City of the Philippines”. The city takes pride being established between the flourishing cities made up of Makati City, Quezon City and Manila. In addition, it is accessible from the lively central business districts of its neighboring cities.  It also homes number of first-rate colleges, medical centers, commercial and business establishments right within a convenient distance. This is what really defines strategic location in the heart of the bustling city.

The property’s precise location is located right at the corner of Reliance and Pines streets making it obtainable to the major thoroughfares of EDSA, Shaw Boulevard and Pioneer, making it very simple for citizens whether they have their own vehicle or not surely they can depend on public transportation.

Thus, Flair Towers is the suitable place that targets clients consisting of young professionals and families looking for convenient and safe place. For household members they don’t need to worry about going too far or probably spend away too much time being trapped in traffic to get on and come home from their respective destination. On the other hand, young one’s especially students do not need to get up early in the morning just to get to school as they don’t need to come at come late at the end of day.

Having a strategic location, Flair Towers therefore prides itself being the only high-rise condominium development providing resort-style amenities and convenience both inside and out.

Each tower will feature contemporary features and conveniences linked with a “tropical touch”. Typically, common areas feature of high speed Wi-Fi connection set within calming atmosphere exuding for a relaxing appearance.  Functions are ideally for used by residents who wanted to hold important events and gatherings without going too far from their home. Music fanatic can find their perfect niche on the South Tower’s music room and for those who wanted to have a fit and sexy body figure get in shape at the fitness gym.

One of the modern signature features of DMCI Homes’ most especially for high-rise developments comes with a “Lumiventt” style technology. This idea creates complete use of natural elements such as light and air tolerating to flow it naturally and easily in common places and within reach of model units. Moreover, both high-rise towers are equipped with landscaped sky patios place at every five floors that further enhance the resort-style atmosphere all over the building. Sky lounge and Observatory at roof decks promotes pleasurable views of the skyline.

This place showcasing tropical resort design truly extends its unsophisticated benefits within itself. Flair Towers is recognized to be the only residential community that commits almost 70 percent property dedicated only for amenities. This simply means that there will be more than enough space for active zone for fun activities. Surely, one will find true convenience with its full-size play court, jogging paths, children’s playground and cabanas suitable resting place. For who prefer simple relaxation they can indulge their selves’ in inactive way, thanks to the lounge and swimming pool that made way to make it possible.  There are also spread of water features, lighted pathways and pool decks for a truly stress-free atmosphere. In conclusion, there’s an appropriate space that caters individual needs and keeping them comfortable at all time.

  • Competitive rates for worth living

For sure you are thinking that this kind of exclusivity comes at significant cost, think twice. As Flair Towers offers first-rate resort style at friendly pocket price. This place is ideal for young starting families (ideally couples) which are mid-income earners, families who wanted to shift their lives into a better and secured place. Young professionals who are usually cash-strapped due to monthly amortization and OFW who wanted to invest their second property when they get home, will surely not have their savings becomes useless while paying up.

All in all Flair towers is a top-notch property, a suitable place with enhance and calming atmosphere where almost modern Filipino buyers wanted to have. This is backed-up with the country’s premier property developer DMCI Homes’ – a company of modern contractors that creates modern day living solutions for urban families. Rest assured that each property development meets and built with world-class standard design carried from it’s hand in hand 60 years of experience in the construction industry. The company’s viewpoint is attached on a deep understanding that home buying is more about getting a home but also better way of living. Fortunately, Flair Towers is the property that meets all this requirements. Thanks to this featured property by DMCI, now citizens of Mandaluyong can finally enjoy more comfortable and meaningful life.


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